Think back to when you were a kid. Did you dream of growing up in living in a treehouse? I know I sure did. And while some people have made a valiant back to nature effort, I decided to just stay in my regular old house. But just because I’ve set aside that one dream of living in the treetops doesn’t mean I put aside much of the other things I longed for his child.

Finding Ways to Improve your Home

As an adult, with my own home, I’ve come to realize there’s a lot that I can do. In just over the last few years I’ve actually started doing these things. While I realize your home needs to be practical, there’s no reason at all so campy fun. One thing that my wife and I did was re-decorate our bedroom and add some enhancements to the attached bathroom. Now every night we feel like we are staying in a luxury hotel suite.

Getting Help Along the Way

There are some home upgrades however that I am not able to do myself and need a contractor for. For instance, this was the case when my wife and I decided we were going to build a home addition in the form of a den just off of our kitchen. I have always wanted to try my hand in construction but this project was better off left to the professionals.

Being a Child Again

Spurred on by that success we decided to do something with the loft. This had been just kind of the combination storage area/no man’s land. But we sat down and thought about what we really like to be able to enjoy her regular basis and we came up with a skee-ball machine. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but we went ahead and bought a game room size ski ball machine. Since we are both right-handed we were able to play set alongside one wall without interrupting our play and we have a blast without taking up too much room.

Live as a Busy Homeowner

Of course even when you make your dream home reflect childhood dreams you still have certain things that need to be kept up with. If you have carpets they occasionally need to be cleaned. You might also need to find someone to clean up after your pets if you have any. And of course we can’t forget about all those modern conveniences like plumbing and electricity that are integral to your home.

So why don’t we think of our homes as structurally sound tree houses and enjoy all of the benefits and modern conveniences of life while still reaching back to our childhood and enjoying those things we have always dreamed about.